The cat and the little goldfish

There once was a cat who lived in a house in the centre of London. In fact, it was a very nice house. Cat’s owner was a girl named Tabitha, but she was away most of the time. Cat’s job was to inspect furniture and to make sure mice didn’t return. (They left 6 years ago)

One day, Tabitha received a present of a little goldfish. The very first minute they were alone, the cat came to the fishbowl to have a drink and to ponder on how he’s gonna eat the fish. That’s when the fish spoke. ”Hello. I’m a little goldfish. Have you seen my shiny gold fins? Do you think they look pretty?” The cat said “eeeh… I guess”. He wasn’t used to having long conversations. “That’s great! The carp said that brown is the prettiest colour and the prawn said that…” This way, they started talking and the cat forgot that he wanted to eat the little goldfish.

Next morning, the cat came again and the same thing happened. And the next morning. And the next one too. The cat continued to come and the little goldfish continued to ask questions. “Does my shiny gold tail look pretty?” “Do my shiny gold scales look pretty?” “Do I look fat?” And each day the cat would forget that he wanted to eat the little goldfish.

One day the little goldfish asked the cat, “does this mole look cancerous?” The cat leaned close to the water so he could see. And in an instant, before he could stop himself, he opened his jaws, grabbed the little goldfish and swallowed her.

The cat regretted his impulse right away, but it was too late. He ate his only friend. But then, he heard a voice. “Sooooo…, does it look cancerous? I once knew a squid who had a mole terribly small and he said…” The voice came from his belly.

And so, the cat and the little goldfish became the best friends and went everywhere together.

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