How nerds pack

I was looking forward to writing here about my meeting with Spike Lee, a director famous for Malcolm X, 25th Hour and a whole lot of other fantastic films, but now that it happened there’s nothing to write about. Except that people tend to have less stature in real life than you might assume from a professional headshot.

The few scenes I saw from The Sweet Blood of Jesus (his new film, funding which through kickstarter had brought me this adventure) were also troubling, but I’ll write it down on lack of post-production gloss. I’m sure (means hope), in the context of the whole film they will work better.

Somewhat disappointed, I went to Barnes & Noble at Union Square for some binge-shopping. 2 hours later, $130 lighter and with 5 new books, my spirits started to improve. Now I just need to find a way to pack them in my suitcase, in addition to 2 books I got from Spike and a small army I brought from home:


Looks like some of my clothes will find a new home at Salvation Army, but I’m also feeling oddly proud of my nerdishness. Books are almost like pets in that sense: you make emotional connection with them. Which, I think, puts them a rank higher than handbags, beer cans and most other collectables. Plus, unlike pets, you don’t have to feed books and they don’t chew on your internet cable… Ok, I’m stretching this argument, but I’m still sure book-junkies are superior to most other addicts (:

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