What more could you wish?

nirvanaBeing a rock star is what every guitarist wants, right? It follows then, that being kicked out of Nirvana and Soundgarden, two legendary bands, would be a monumental failure. That’s what I thought when I started reading about Jason Everman, a person who has twice been on a train to stardom and both times was thrown out by his fellow passengers. I imagined him as a deeply disappointed man, looking wistfully at the concert posters featuring his former bandmates. Or maybe he found happiness in simpler things and became content with his ‘insignificant’ lot in life.

But as I read on, to my surprise, I found not only that leaving music was good for him, I also found that his path in life is much more interesting than that of Megastar X or Rock Legend Y. In my eyes, he left Kurt Cobain and other ex-bandmates far behind. Not to mention, he became a rock star of sorts in the process, before abandoning that stardom too:

“I saw photos of Everman in fatigues on a warship (“an antipiracy operation in Asia”). A shot of Everman with Donald Rumsfeld. Another with Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal. And that’s when it hit me. Jason Everman had finally become a rock star.”

New York Times has published a vivid and fascinating portrait of Jason Everman. I especially like it because the way Jason is described is not 100 miles different from myself: he appears as a private person who often needs time alone and dislikes spotlight.

As they say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. You think I’d remember that, but I guess a reminder always helps.

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