Despicable Me 2: not so despicable anymore


Near the end of Despicable Me 2, a group of minions dresses in all white and performs a hilarious rendition of I Swear. They’re surrounded by idyllic countryside complete with flowers and butterflies. This scene will remind you of any number of romantic melodramas where heroes just can’t contain their feelings and have to sing and dance them out, all while running through a green meadow while holding their hands. This scene is followed by another one, where Agnes, Gru’s 5 year old daughter, recites her Mother’s Day poem at a wedding. It goes like this

She kisses my booboos
She braids my hair
We love our mothers

No, that’s not supposed to be funny. Gru’s bride nearly swooned, unable to resist the cuteness.

There’re two different films inside Despicable Me 2. One stars minions doing all kinds silliness. It takes great delight in making fun of soapy romantic melodramas and spy movies. The other film is a soapy romantic melodrama with a pinch of James Bond. It has Gru leave his villain days behind, open his heart and find love, all while defeating a bad guy.

This makes summarizing the movie tricky. I had lots of fun watching it and couldn’t care less what happens to the heroes. Oh well. Can’t have everything. I just hope in part 3 they devote the whole film to minions and ditch the rest of the cast. Or get rid of the wife and go back to the old-style villainy with kids as accomplices. Or have kids run away to form a gang of their own, while Gru and his wife are busy perfecting that jelly.

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