I love my company!


This is the things I’ve won at a workplace charity auction.

  • Abseiling adventure in Blue Mountains – $60
  • Pixel art or caricature by Vela Noble – $100
  • Creating a futuristic movie with SFX – $40
  • Playing with a virtual reality dev kit – $10
  • A day of general aviation – $750
  • 30 Argentinean Alfajores with 2 jars of Dulce de Leche – $80
  • 1:1 Hypnosis session – $50
  • 90 mins Tai Chi(太极) premium lesson – $50
  • Tang China Poetry 101 – $10
  • Hands-on introduction to sailing in Sydney harbour – $150
  • A coworker will make me coffee for a week – $30
  • Basic AcroBalance Lesson – $30
  • Learning how to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller – $10

Can’t even decide which of them sounds more exciting and which I’m gonna do first!

The only thing I don’t understand is why so few people have shown interest. (Except for the flying item, where we had a good old bidding war) How come among almost 800 people nobody is as excited about the Thriller dance as I am?

Oh well, it all worked out to my advantage! It turns out, money can by happiness after all. The price: $1370.

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