Invisible People

The Look

How do you photograph life without making it aware of the camera?

Never been the one to take pictures on trips. Images of cathedrals, fortresses and pyramids usually leave me cold. This time, however, I tried to record the moments from the lives of people, both locals and fellow travelers. I’ve been looking for people engaged in something and pointing my camera at them discreetly.

Few times it produced worthwhile shots where camera isn’t affecting the scene and participants seem natural. But there’re also shots where person looks directly into the camera with almost reproachful expression. At such moments, I feel my presence has been compromised and guilty about intruding into the person’s live. Nobody wants to live in a zoo.

How do other photographers conceal their presence and handle being revealed? It’s hard enough to be invisible while pointing an iphone, for a ‘real’ camera that must be an insurmountable task.

Below are some pictures made by invisible people.

On a train

Brick Lane, E1, 1978

Kissing the War Goodbye

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